Your Life is on Fire

Freeze. Just sit down somewhere quiet. Do not get up to check something. Don’t check your phone. Just sit. Sit and be still. Music off. Tv off. And hey, if your feeling a little daring, lights off. Just sit.



Drop everything that is on your mind. Release the stress and worries of the day. Drop the problems that you have been facing. Your recent breakup, your bills, your annoying boss, your friend who has just been getting on your last nerve…. Just drop them. And as you drop those problems feel the weight of them slide off of your shoulders like water and land on the ground around you. Watch as the water evaporates from the ground into thin air. They are no longer anything to worry about. Now be still and just relax and be. 



As you are forced to come out of your relaxed state, just feel the tranquility and calm feeling that everything is going to be okay. Today is a new day, A beautiful day, Your day. Roll with it. 


I find that sometimes life gets so crazy that sometimes we don’t take time to ourselves. We have a hard problem with slowing down and living in the moment. With our 100 mile an hour life sometimes we just need to savor each moment, because before you know it, all of your time will be burned up. 


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