Don’t Talk To Strangers: A Rule I Never Followed

One of the earliest lessons that a young child is taught is don’t talk to strangers. I myself have been told this and although as a child I obediently obliged, as I got older I have thrown this rule out of the window. I find that the best kinds of people are strangers. Upon this discovery I have noticed that I have had increasing interactions with strangers. I start conversations with anyone I can. Whether it is on a bus or just next to me in a lecture I just start a random conversation and I have met some of the most fascinating people. Obviously I use caution and reveal little personal information about myself but I have come to notice that sometimes strangers care more than people you actually know. It is so enjoyable to hear other people’s stories and hear about different lifestyles. The beautiful thing is that in most cases, being friendly shocks people. Being from New England where the climate is just as cold as people’s attitudes it is very rare to actually get a smile or a conversation from a random stranger. It is surprising though how much reaching out and forming a connection actually means to some people. Some people poor out their life stories because they just need someone to listen, others tell me deep personal secrets and after all, who better to tell than someone you will never see again. I have even seen tears in some people’s eyes as I offer them my leftovers and ask them how they are because since they started living on the streets no one has treated them like a human. I have seen the smiles of the elderly as they rave about their grandchildren, and I have had a little kid light up as they tell me all about their day at school. Some say it is an odd thing to do, but quite honestly it is one of my favorite things. It is the simplest act of kindness, because I do not see them as strangers, I see them as my fellow [wo]man. And after all, we are all in this crazy thing called life together.


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