Tales of a Cryer

I absolutely hate that people take tears as a sign of weakness. I am the biggest cryer ever. If something goes wrong it is my body’s first response. If I get angry it is also my body’s first response. In any negative situation I usually feel the urge to cry. And not because I am weak. In no way is crying a sign of weakness. I have so much stuff that I have been through and I am so strong that I refuse to believe that crying is a sign of weakness. It is just my way of coping and I HATE getting judged for it. If I am angry and I do not cry, I am more likely to be violent, so in that way, crying actually helps me because I would rather cry than do real damage. I also cry when I am sad, because instead of relying on other people to fix it I would rather cry it out on my own than have to rely on someone, because honestly I cannot trust anyone with a lot of the things I have been through. It does not mean I am weak. I am stronger than half the people I know but I just lack the ability to hold back tears and I lack the ability to supress crying. It is my body’s natural response and part of me feels as though there is no reason to apologize for it. But what I hate most is getting judged for it. NO ONE knows what I go through therefore no one has the right to judge me or the way I cope with my problems. I might fail an assignment and someone might see my crying but honestly they have no idea, I could be crying because the night before I did not study because instead I was helping a friend with some stuff or because something horrible happened to me. You have NO idea. So when you see someone crying, do not assume they are weak, it is just some people’s response to stress. Some people punch walls, some people write poetry, some people run, some people just end up going insane. But for me, I cry, and I despite the stigma of crying, I am strong. And if you have something to say about it, just go take a hike because you have no right to judge me.