So, You’re Too Cool For Partying?

I’ve been seeing it a lot on social media. Posts like “I don’t need to go to the club or party to have a good time.” Some may be grateful that our youth does not value reckless behavior such as partying, and while some people may see this as hope for the youth of today I guess I do not agree. As a member of this youthful generation, I believe that partying is exactly what we need.

Just look at the kids today, shall we? Many children are glued to their phones and lack basic social skills due to their dependency on social media and technology. Teens are starting to value social media fame over truly valuable relationships that they should be creating during these formative years. Partying is one of the few things that breaks down these walls, even just for one night. When people party, they use technology to document the fun that they are having through photos and videos and are taking the time to create memories. Partying promotes social interactions and helps people connect with each other. You can┬ámeet people who you have a lot in common with, people you learn a lot about, and even a potential love interest. I would rather have people talking about how much they had last night at a party than reading “what’s on their mind” in 160 characters or less.

Our generation needs to socialize now more than ever. Whether that is dancing at a club with some of your girlfriends, or approaching that mysterious stranger at the bar, there is always an opportunity to broaden your horizons and become open to more ways of life than just your own. Partying it is not even a new fad. Every generation has had it’s own time to let loose, let’s not condone our youth for enjoying the freedom and excitement that comes from being young, wild, and free.

And for those people who are the ones who condone the partying lifestyle via social media, let’s take a moment to explore your outlook. The partiers are out making tons of friends, dancing the night away, creating memories, learning about life and sharing stories into the wee hours of the night. If this is not your cup of tea, so be it. But why bother shaming a group of people who believe that being social is fun? “But most people who party smoke and drink!,” you might respond, and to that I reply, just like every other generalization made throughout history, this stereotype is not true for every member of a group. And if a partier happens to be 21 or over and wants to legally enjoy a few drinks WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE? Maybe the critics can learn a lot from the partiers. Take a night to dress up, get together with your friends, and dance the night away, it’s really not that bad…