Am I Fat or Beautiful? Pick One America!

I do not understand what’s going on. See half of me is bombarded with notions that I should love my body exactly as it is. That every curve, lump, and love handle, is beautiful. However, another source tells females, “you have to lose weight to be healthy, you don’t want to be obese, do you?” So where the hell do women fit in?! One day I will love my body and the next day I will hate it. It is not fair. I realize that the standards for women are falsified and fabricated but that doesn’t take away from some true facts that America has to face: we have a problem with weight. Yet every time a nutritionist is heard giving advice people are up in arms that society wants them to change their body.

European people tend to be so slim and well built and I feel like I have been robbed of the opportunity to easily be skinny because of how America tampers with our food systems. Everything is genetically engineered, sugars are always added, sodium is a must, and worst of all unneeded, unhealthy substances are added to our diet daily. So tell me America, where do I fit in? I want to be healthy and yet our food supply has condemned me to be fat. If obesity is really the problem in America it could easily be fixed, but they chose not to and continue to pollute our food. In addition, the unhealthy foods are cheaper and more common. At 11pm after a fun night, it is more accessible and more economical to split a pizza with your friends then to have to go out and forage for an unsatisfying salad. I am sick of listening to all the mixed signals: “Be healthy!” “Eat whatever makes you happy!” “Love your body!” “Remember to work out!” “Curves are beautiful!” “You should strive to be skinny!”

So what exactly am I supposed to do America? Am I beautiful the way I am? Or do I need to lose weight? Because at this point, these mixed signals are driving me insane.